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Focus Websites at Newport on The Northern Beaches

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Joomla / WordPress / CSS / HTML / PHP / SEO


Work With a Local Website Designer

 A simple website design can give you the edge in your market. It's no longer feasible to run a business, any business, without a website. Buyers go to the web for everything from product research to business location and operating hours. Without spending too much your website can open up new markets and expand your business easily.

Website design software has evolved to be easy for pretty much anyone to use. You don't need to know coding to develop an attractive, functional and affordable website. You just need to follow some basics to give your website a professional look, to make it easy to find and to present your business in the best light.

Focus Websites at Newport on the Northern Beaches is well placed to help you with your website design and development.

We build websites to increase leads & drive sales.

All of our websites are developed live online but are only available for viewing if you are logged in.This gives you plenty of opportunity, in your own time, to suggest any amendments you may require to your website before the site goes live. This approach to website design allows us to achieve the best results for your business.

Here are our two web design packages for you to choose from.

A Maximum of 20 Pages

And a Customised Website
From $3,500

This gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand extensively. This website package is designed for small business owners who would like a professionally designed website. Your website will be able to expand almost infinitely as your business does.

What you get
  1. A maximum of 20 pages
  2. Choice of Joomla or WordPress template designs using the Gantry 5 framework
  3. Logo design if necessary
  4. Onpage SEO (Route 66 for Joomla, Yoast for WordPress)
  5. EyeSite (Joomla), Security Optimizer (WordPress)
  6. Contact form
  7. Social media integration
  8. Onsite Google Analytics setup
  9. Domain and hosting configuration
  10. Blog archive & single page
  11. Google Maps integration
  12. Self contained backup (Akeeba Backup Core)
  13. 3 hours personal training (via Zoom or Messenger for remote clients) in two sessions
  14. Extra pages at $80 per page
You will need to
  1. Provide all site images
  2. Provide all site text


To ensure that you are going to get the customized design that you want, we will discuss, on Zoom or Messenger, the look that you are after then we will proceed to integrate these design elements into your new website. During this collaborative process, we will need the following information:

  • Logo
  • Font types
  • Colours you would like integrated on your new website

1. Integration

Firstly we will integrate the customized features and formatting onto the new website.

2. Homepage creation

Then your homepage will be created with generic content and placeholders.

3. First review

Following completion of the initial development you will be provided with a link to view the website. After the review you can provide us with any updates you want us to make.

4. First progress payment

Once the requested updates have been made we will request the first progress payment.

1. Page content request

We will then ask you to provide us with the complete written content along with the images you would like displayed on each page of your new website.

2. Content implementation

Once we have received the content, we will create the pages and implement the provided content into each of them.

3. Second review

Upon completion, we will ask you to undertake a second review. During this stage, you will have the opportunity to provide any further updates if required.

4. Second progress payment

Once we have incorporated the requested updates, we will request the second progress fee to be made.

1. Final review (if required)

In the event that you have any final updates, now is the right time to let us know.

2. Updates made

Following your feedback, we will have make the final requested updates, ensuring that your website meets your specifications.

3. Final payment

Once all the revisions have been successfully implemented, we will request the balance of the invoice to be paid. This will be the completion of our services.

4. Site goes live

With the final payment made your new website will be go "live" to the world, offering a captivating online presence for your business.



Joomla has advanced features but is still easy to use even if you have little or no experience in coding or website design.


WordPress is a simple and popular way to create your own website or blog.

Custom Design

Both Joomla and Wordpress can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Focus Websites provide state of the art extensions to assist you in maintaining good search engine rankings.

Responsive Design

All the websites that we build are fully responsive. All work equally well on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Social Media

All sites are designed to accommodate all social media platforms. This can be activated right away or at any time in the future.


The environment in which your website works is constantly changing in the same way as your computer and the technology which drives it.


Website maintenance is not that difficult with the right training. Focus Websites provide training with all new websites.