Evaluation conclusion


The Joomla vs WordPress comparison is not a tie, but they are not all that different from one another.

Both platforms are set for major developments but that is the nature of any web development. It is brought on, in part, by programming development (PHP, mySQLi, MariaDB, Apache, Nginx, Redis and others) and, otherwise, by natural competition.

To decide which CMS to use, you need to consider your website’s purpose. If you have some tech knowledge and are looking for a more flexible CMS that allows you greater creativity in your design, Joomla may be for you.

However, if you’re new to website building, or are not concerned about the potential theme and content limits that WordPress can pose, then WordPress may be your better option.

My Preference

On most reviews Joomla gets lower ratings compared to WordPress. Reviewers tend to recommend things they know or are selling. If a client particularly wants WordPress I give him or her a WordPress site and the same applies to Joomla, but if I am to decide, depending upon the use to which the site is to be put and the expected future expansion, I will choose Joomla pretty much every time. This is simply because when the time comes for your site to start growing and you decide that your business needs a site with more functionality and expandability Wordpress can be limiting and you will be faced with having to move everything to another CMS. WordPress tends to make life a little easier in the beginning but Joomla offers many more possibilities.