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I Maintain Clients' Websites

The environment in which your website works is constantly changing, the same as your computer and the technology which drives it. If your website is not maintained it can soon become out of date.

It will effect your visitors experience with broken links, slow page loading and freezes, even on newer browsers and this will give an impression that you and your business are not paying attention.

Most modern websites, especially those using databases and built in Content Management Systems (CMSs), contain thousands of lines of code and depend on specific software which runs on your web server.

Without proper maintenance your website will see system upgrading conflicts which are sometimes irreversible or, at the very least, costly to repair.

The Internet is still fairly new and we are all still learning to live with it and, unfortunately, "we" includes those who are trying to exploit and benefit from these conflicts which allows them to hack websites to gain data or embed malware.

Website owners are often aware of these issues but choose to not employ regular website maintenance because of a “she'll be right, mate” and "why spend money when we don’t have to" attitude. Most of these website owners will eventually pay a price for this attitude.

If your website is a driver for your business where your business is gaining prospects, consider how your brand is portrayed online. If it breaks and becomes unserviceable this does not send a positive message to your site visitors.

It's far less costly to be proactive.