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We build websites using Content Management Systems. This may be what you're looking for to make a website with limited technical knowledge and resources. It is a software application that allows small businesses to build a website without having to code it from scratch, or how to code at all.

More than 68 million websites are built with a Content Management System but what is a Content Management System?

A CMS is a software platform that lets its users create, edit and publish web pages. Its interface makes interacting with a website's database user friendly.

CMSs use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create what you see and Cascading Style Sheets (CSSs) to create the way in which it is seen. They are the two essential core components which create web pages.

A website using a Content Management System lets you, without any knowledge of coding, create the message you need to deliver to prospective customers. It lets you build a website without needing to write  code from scratch or even know how to code at all. A CMS does all of this for you. It puts you in control for the long term.

Instead of building your own system for creating web pages, storing images and other functions, the content management system handles all that basic infrastructure stuff for you so that you can focus on the stuff in your website which helps sell your products. It makes life simple.

We mostly use one or the other of the world's two leading CMSs, Joomla and WordPress.

Why would you want us to build a website for you using a Content Management System?

Simple. We will build you a small business website which will assist you in growing your business and which you control. We join forces with you to create a website which is aesthetically pleasing, which is affordable and which does the job of promoting your business. Nobody knows your business the way you do and so we need your input for the project. Collaboration gets the right result.

We've been at Newport, on the Northern Beaches, building websites since 1998 (flat file sites), and, using CMSs since 2001 (Mambo, the precursor to Joomla), Joomla (2006) and WordPress (2007) and have all of the experience which comes with that. Oh, and a bunch of satisfied clients.

Some of our clients' sites

Here are samples of some of our websites. All websites have responsive (mobile friendly) layouts.

What Our Clients Say

We are very fortunate to have formed both strong partnerships and good friendships with many of our clients. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Matt Baker
Graham was willing to help in every way, developing a very professional website which showcases our company very well. His ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and user experience of our site made for a very good end result. His customer service is excellent along with attention to detail every step of the way.
Matt Baker
Ann Stokes
Many thanks for your help on this project. You have been of great assistance in recovering our redundant website and then creating a platform upon which the site can develop in an ongoing way. I'm glade to have had you handling this project and I look forward to our ongoing association.
Ann Stokes
Sales Manager - Abberfield Industries
Gordon Duff
Focus Websites has been doing work for me for some twenty years, before content management systems were even thought of, and has always delivered the goods. Graham has a very good understanding of the look and feel required of a website to retain customer attention. His customer service is up there with the best.
Gordon Duff
Paul Keogh
Focus Websites developed a site for me which, aesthetically and functionally, is just what I imagined it could be. The site has now been in its present form for about six years and has evolved with functionality added and removed as needed. When I have made requests for additional functionality Graham has always made it happen. Service is second to none.
Paul Keogh